Do You Want To Be Mentally Tough Like The Table Tennis Pros And Win Matches Under High, Nerve Wracking Pressure?

This simple and easy-to-read book will show you the problems table tennis players face during competition and the system on how to solve these issues.

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In this Book You Will Discover…

  • The Game Face Routine

    Designed to be used during your match between points time and it helps you to keep your optimal energy level at the highest level of pressures of competition. Basically it helps you to be in the zone.

  • The Game Face Training Program

    Helps you perform consistently at your highest level through simple lifestyle choices in four key categories: physiological, physical, mental, and daily life.

  • Gain self-awareness about your body language, thoughts, and emotions
  • Learn how to build your own peak performance zone
  • Learn about mental techniques such as visualization, self-talk, and focus
  • Play your best table tennis on demand, on a consistent basis by creating your healthy life style choices

Often I was nodding my head at mental tricks that match what I’d developed over the years, or at recognizing something I’d see others do. The specific breakdown of how you use the time between points – the four R’s – especially led to much thought that will influence my own coaching.

Larry Hodges USA Table Tennis Hall of Famer and National Coach
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